The Benefits of Charcoal

Samuel Smith


Charcoal has an amazing adsorptive ability (the ability to pull into itself toxins and poisons) the carbon hungrily unites with other substances. Poisons, gases, chemicals, toxins, bee stings, all can be adsorbed by charcoal. Charcoal isn’t really a herb but in a way it is. It is extremely effective and useful substance!


Mix equal parts of powdered activated charcoal with ground flax meal. Add enough hot water to make a paste and spread on cloth and apply hot to affected area. Cover with wool or flannel , plastic and a hot water bottle.

Uses: Apply to bee stings or bites, infected areas and inflamed areas.

Can be applied to abdomen in the case of diarrhea or dysentery and over the liver or gallbladder in inflammatory states of these organs.


Charcoal stains clothing so be careful when working with it. It will tattoo skin if applied directly on an open wound so have layer of cloth or gauze under it.

Be sure and get your activated charcoal from a health product supplier.

Do not use charcoal briquettes as they contain chemicals.


In case of stomach or intestinal distress or food poisoning take 5 charcoal tablets with glass of water.

Chewing them speeds action. Capsules can be taken also. Take 2-3 times daily until well.

Charcoal can be mixed with olive oil and taken a tbs. 3-4 times daily.

For gas and chronic indigestion, mix powdered charcoal, 1 tbs. in 2 quarts water, let stand and drink the water off the top.

Skin ulcers can be cleansed with Hydrogen peroxide, then dressed with charcoal paste inside moist gauze. Cover with cloth and tape in place. (use non-allergic tape) Change dressing twice daily.

This speeds healing in cases of slow healing sores and ulcers. Don’t apply paste directly to sores or fresh wounds, because it can cause a tattooing effect on the skin, have layer of gauze between. Charcoal can be used on crush injuries and bruises, alone or when mixed with smartweed powder or pulp.

Charcoal can be placed in a piece of cloth and tied up as a bag, dipped in warm or cold water and placed over an inflamed eye, with the eye closed. It works like a charm!

Charcoal also deodorizes effectively in the case of odorous wounds or sores by absorbing toxins.

Compiled by Mrs. Christiana Moore