Blood in Stools

Samuel Smith


Causes, Natural Cures, Prevention - Melena & Piles

Blood in stools condition is normally referred to in medical terms as melena. To distinguish between the causes of melena, associated complaints, if present, are taken into account which usually determines the area of involvement resulting in melena.

Causes of the blood in stools can be divided according to the area affected - like: esophagus (stomach area), intestinal and anal region.

Esophageal or Upper Gastro Intestinal causes of Melena: this usually present with dark-tarry blood due to the action of the digestive acids.

Blood in stools can be commonly present in gastric or duodenal ulcers. With the stressful life people lead nowadays, this seems to be the most common cause.

Oesophagitis or commonly known as, inflammation of food pipe, also results in bleeding in stools.

Common Causes of Blood in Stools

Stress, eating of oily and spicy foods.

History of taking any medications, specially over the counter medicines like aspirin and other pain killers or persons who are on steroids.

History of regular intake of alcohol.

Excessive smoking and use of betel leaves and tobacco.

Intestinal Causes of Blood in Stools

Amoebic dysentery or commonly known as food poisoning, can also lead to blood in stools.

Other condition called as ulcerative colitis, also leads to bleeding. It can be associated with mild to moderate abdominal pain with cramps and with mild fever.

Intestinal worms can also cause blood in stools.

Common causes being eating food in unhygienic conditions, unwashed vegetables etc. before cooking, eating stale food.

Anal Lesions Causes

Fissure in ano- a condition in which the anal mucosa gets cracked resulting in bleeding. Anal fissure is mostly caused by chronic constipation or hard stools.

Hemorrhoids or piles which results in bleeding in stools.

Other Causes of Melena

Previous history of jaundice

Previous history of typhoid fever.

Cancer of gastric mucosa.

Abdominal Koch’s or Tuberculosis.

These conditions require thorough investigations. The above causes mentioned are most common and observed in day to day life.

Treatment and preventive measures change according to the causes of blood in stools. A basic line of home remedies to soothe the gastro-intestinal tract which will help in prevention of melena is recommended below.

Basic Home Remedies for Treatment and Prevention

Take plenty of green vegetables and fibrous food regularly with fruits and juices.

Use whole meal flour, avoid refined ones.

Avoid fried items, hot and spicy food.

Drink a glass of water in the morning.

Try to establish regular bowel habits and always answer nature’s call promptly.

Avoid intake of tea and coffee.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Allay anxiety and worry.

Trust in God

To Avoid Constipation

Mix in equal quantities, dry ginger powder and senna leaves powder. Take 5gms of this powder along with a cup of lukewarm water before going to bed. This helps in easy passage of stools.

For Bleeding Piles

Poultice made of sesame seeds can be applied over bleeding piles as an external measure and 1/2 of tea spoon of sesame seeds with little organic coconut oil can be taken orally.

Crush about 11 rose petals with 50ml of water and take for 3 days on empty stomach.

Compiled by Mrs. Christiana Moore