Make a Difference

Samuel Smith


The will of God for our lives is that we live exemplary lives that others can imitate, and as a result give thanks to God. What is the essence of bearing Christ's name and behaving like the devil? Have you forgotten that there is a controversy between the children of God and that of Satan? If sinners always feel comfortable around you; and your character turn people away from God, then be careful. What our father in heaven hates is for us to come before Him all the time with our dirty characters unchanged. What benefit will we gain if we spend all our life time going to Church and then end up in hell with those who have chosen the world and its pleasures? We should be mindful of whatever we do, whether we eat, drink or dress, we should do it to the glorification of God (1 Cor.10:31).

"The apostle's words of exhortation to the Corinthian church are applicable to all time and are especially adapted for our day. By idolatry he meant not only the worship of idols, but self-serving, love of ease, the gratification of appetite and passion. A mere profession of faith in Christ, a boastful knowledge of the truth, does not make a man a Christian. A religion that seeks only to gratify the eye, the ear, and the taste, or that sanctions self-indulgence, is not the religion of Christ." {AA 317.1} For God will bring all our deeds into judgement. Brethren, life is too short for us to play around as if we have nothing ahead of us, let us not be blinded by the riches, fame and the beautiful vain things of this mundane world ,rather we should stand firm for the Lord, though the heavens may fall, for this is the greatest want of the world. In conclusion, dear brethren, please dare to be different from the world and the Lord will richly bless you.

Samuel Fokuo Akosah-Brempong