Do Not Delay With Your Salvation

Samuel Smith


"For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2). My beloved Brother or Sister, there is no doubt that you are drawing nearer to your death each day, and yet you are not ready to depart. It is certain you are going to be judged, and yet you are not prepared to meet God. There is no doubt that Heaven itself would be no happiness to you if you go there now, because the Lord of heaven is not your friend. What pleases Him does not please you; what He dislikes gives you no pain. His word is not your guide in this world; His way is not your delight; His LAW is not your guide. You care little for hearing of Him — you know nothing of speaking with Him. To be forever in His company would be a thing you cannot endure; and the society of saints and angels would he a source of worry to you, and not joy. Considering the careless life that you live now, you will have been glad if the Bible had never been written, and Christ had never died. Probably you think that the Apostles were foolish to preach about Christ and salvation through the Gospel. Oh, awake from your spiritual laziness, and accept Christ as your Saviour before time runs out.

My dear Brother or Sister, do not think or believe your case is so bad, or the danger of losing your salvation is nothing to worry about, or that God is so offended by your behaviour to the extent that you cannot be saved. Let me assure you that the devil has been putting these lying delusions into people's hearts for over six thousand years. These have been his grand snares ever since the day he said to Eve, "You shall not surely die" (Genesis 3:4). Do not be deceived by these snares of the devil. Your salvation is so important to God that He sent His only begotten Son to come down to earth to die so you can be forgiven of your sins and attain eternal life. But if you reject this offer of salvation, then you are already condemned criminal (see John 3:16-17). If you reject Christ and His offer of salvation, then you must begin looking forward to that fearful and dreadful day of God's executive judgement. God has never failed to punish any sin that has not been repented of, and He never will — He never failed to fulfill His word, and you will find this to your cost, one day, except you repent. My dear Brother or Sister in the Lord, awake—awake!

My beloved Brother or Sister, I speak very strongly, because I feel very deeply. Time is too short, life is too uncertain, such that I cannot refuse to warn you of the life of sin that you are now living. At the risk of offending, I use great plainness of speech. I cannot bear the thought of hearing you condemned in the great day of judgment; I cannot bear the sight of seeing your face in the crowd on God's left hand, among those who are helpless, hopeless, and beyond the reach of mercy. I cannot bear such thoughts — they grieve me to the heart. Before the day of grace is past, and the day of vengeance begins, I call upon you to open your eyes and repent. Oh, consider your ways and be wise. Awake — awake! Why will you die in your sins?

Paul Fonsi