The Time is Short

Samuel Smith

The Time is Short

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we have only a very short time to spend in this world. Our whole lifetime is very short. From our cradles to our graves, the life of each and everyone of us is only a very short journey. If we should reflect on our past lives, it will be as if it is a story that is soon told. Everything at this end of the world is changing. It will not be long and it will all be over. Our loveliest faces grow old. Similarly, our most fashionable dresses rot and decay. Yet most of us who claim to be Christians are spending our years in sin. We are giving our best days to sin and the world. In all that we are doing, we should know that our remaining years in this world have been numbered. The number of times that we are left with to attend Church have been numbered. The number of sermons we are left with to hear have been numbered. Probably, this message is the last message that some of us might read in this world. To many of us, this year may be the last year that we shall see in this world. It may be that the disease that is to cause our untimely death is already eating our bodies up. In a little while, we will be lying quietly in our graves awaiting the resurrection. Indeed, "The time is short."

I wish to arouse all of us to the fact that the end of all things is rapidly approaching. This world is quickly passing away. As Christians, we should have the things of this world below our feet but eternal things before our eyes. A little while, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and the day of Grace will be over. A little while and preaching and praying will be over. A little while and we shall stand before the Great White Throne Judgement of God. Soon we shall stop wrestling with an unbelieving world. A little while and the wicked shall not be - we shall see them going away into everlasting punishment. A little while, and eternity shall begin.

We should learn from the shortness of time and not give our hearts to the dearest things of this world. Parents, love your children, and train them in the fear of God; but know that "the time is short." They are only a loan from the Lord. Do not be surprised if He takes them back. Members of the various true Bible-believing churches, you are required to esteem your pastors highly in love, for the sake of their work, yet be as if you have none. Lean entirely on Christ as if you have never seen or heard a pastor. Live nearer to Christ than to your pastors, so that when they are taken from you, you may still have Him to lean on.

In these evil last days, it is right for us as Christians to be diligent in businesses. Yet we should not be so much absorbed with the businesses of this world at the expense of our salvation. How can we be so busy filling up all our time with worldly things, but fail to realize that we will not take any of them with us into eternity? How can we be so busy caring for our bodies whiles our souls are not provided for? We should live in this world as if we have nothing. All that we have in this world belongs to God and the day is coming when we will render a full account to Him for how we have used what He has entrusted into our care. Let us, therefore, not set our hearts on the things of this world below. We should be ready to abandon all things worldly when God bids us to do so. If we were in a sinking ship, we would not cling so tightly to bags of money - we would let them go and be ready to swim. This world is like a sinking ship and those of us who are holding tightly to its possessions will sink with it. Oh! It will be the most unreasonable thing for us to give our hearts to the things of this world because, "the time is short.

Those of us who are still unrepentant should learn from the mistakes and foolishness of our past lives. Although life is very short, it is still a time for us to be saved. This is the reason for which God granted us life to see this day. God's longsuffering is intended for our salvation. God gives us time to hear the Gospel, to pray and to get saved. But those who are still unrepentant and dabbling in various sins are wasting the God-given opportunities to be saved.

Let us seriously think about how much time we have lost in idleness. Let us think about how many golden opportunities for prayer, and hearing the Word of God, and meditation, we have lost! Let us carefully consider the amount of time we spend uselessly in idle talk. Let us think about how much time we usually spend in our worldly businesses, without even one thought of eternity. Let us think about how much time we normally spend in worldly pleasures and in sins of which it is a shame to even mention.

If we knew how short our time is, and how death and hell are pursuing us, we would have fled without a moment's hesitation to Christ for refuge! God has given each and everyone of us time to flee to Christ for salvation, but we are spending it by fleeing towards Hellfire. God has given each and everyone of us time to be saved and we are spending it in destroying our souls. Let us think about how we have lost our best time to be saved. Youth is the best time to be saved but unfortunately many of us have lost it. "The harvest is past, the summer is ended; and we are not saved"

Oh! Let us all be wise. Why should we be idle about our salvation any longer? It has come to the eleventh hour with some of us. The unrepentant heads of some of us have become grey. The feet of some of us who are still unrepentant are tottering. If we saw a man condemned to die, lying in chains, with only three hours to live; if we saw that man singing profane songs and playing chess, would we not be shocked? I believe we would say he was a hardened criminal. Ah! But are some of us not also like that? We have been condemned to die because we have not repented of our numerous sins; our remaining days in this world are numbered; we are hanging by a thread over the mouth of Hellfire and everlasting death, and yet we are cutting and slashing the hand of Jesus that holds us. It will not be long, Brothers and Sisters, and it will all be over. In conclusion, we must continuously remember daily that, "The time is short." and that eternity is rapidly hastening.

Paul Fonsi