Our Healing System

Samuel Smith


It is a mournful situation that some foundational and indispensable concepts of life science and natural laws are not in our text books. Some foundational realities necessary for the very survival of each individual are almost hidden, if not misrepresented. Personally I don’t think this is coincidental. A master planner wants it so, and excels canceling knowledge, through authoritative misinformation.

What our life and natural science education textbooks has failed to tell us, if not designedly engineered, is that inherent in us—right from the cellular level—is the body’s latent healing system. The human body is an amazing living system. This reality the Psalmist contemplates in his song, busting into praise upon his harp.

Andrew Weil, an M.D, has vividly expressed this reality of life in his book: "I have titled this book Spontaneous Healing because I want to call attention to the innate, intrinsic nature of the healing process… The main theme of this book is very simple: The body can heal itself. It can do so because it has a healing system. If you are in good health, you will want to know about this system, because it is what keeps you in good health and because you can enhance that condition. If you or people you love are sick, you will want to know about this system, because it is the best hope for recovery." [i]

In the book Spontaneous Healing, Dr. Weil has veritably demonstrated how every single cell, right from the DNA to the very complex tissues of our body, can restore themselves back to perfect function when they become affected or injured—either by a pathogen, radiation, or some mechanical damage. In the kidney, liver, lungs, colon, heart and the circulatory system, digestive, and immune system, healing appears without any external synthetic aid.

Another prolific writer who did not have higher level scientific education, yet made this observation about 130 years before Dr. Weil, also pointedly describes this healing system: "People need to be taught that drugs do not cure disease. It is true that they sometimes afford present relief, and the patient appears to recover as the result of their use; this is because nature has sufficient vital force to expel the poison and to correct the conditions that caused the disease. Health is recovered in spite of the drug. But in most cases the drug only changes the form and location of the disease. Often the effect of the poison seems to be overcome for a time, but the results remain in the system and work great harm at some later period." [ii]

If we are a little observant, we notice that the healing system is not just some scientific fact, it is a reality of all animal life. I have personally observed how my neighbor’s dog recovered from a broken leg within a few days without any treatment. In fact, in nature’s regime, drugs and vaccines are almost exclusively superfluous—they only lessen the body’s inherent healing forces and in many cases collapse it totally; leading to a diseased overly poisoned body, and ultimately death.


Healing is an inherent capacity of life. DNA has within it all the information needed to manufacture enzymes to repair itself.

The healing system operates continuously and is always on call.

The healing system has a diagnostic capability; it can recognize damage.

The healing system can remove damaged structure and replace it with normal structure.

Healing is spontaneous. It is a natural tendency arising from the internal nature of DNA. The occurrence of a lesion (such as a kink created by misbonding as a result of a hit by UV radiation) automatically activates the process of its repair. [iii]

In order to help the body maintain good health, some things are necessary. Dr. Weil suggests that a healing diet, self-defense against toxins, tonics, exercise and rest, and practices that strengthen the mind and spirit will all positively affect the body’s ability to heal spontaneously. For Dr. Weil, spontaneous healing is not only possible, but probable, if a person does what is necessary to keep the body’s systems strong. Actually, Dr. Weil suggests that being healthy means that the body is able to respond quickly and effectively against agents that cause illness or harm to the body. Healthy people get sick, because of outside influences, but they heal, because of a strong, well-balanced healing system. Nonetheless, when we do face disease and illness, there are things that we can do to boost the immune system, strengthen the body, mind, and spirit, and increase the likelihood of spontaneous healing. [See appendix 6 for veritable and documented experimental evidence]


The only hope of better things is in the education of the people in right principles. Let physicians teach the people that restorative power is not in drugs, but in nature. Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health. In case of sickness, the cause should be ascertained. Unhealthful conditions should be changed, wrong habits corrected. Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system. [iv]

This is natural holistic simple science. Heal yourself by the power of God through nature. God is closer than we thought; if only we will fear Him and give heed to the natural law He has ordained in nature, we can be well. As a teacher of physical science, I am embarrassed I never knew of the healing system of nature, and I am particularly saddened that about all our students today, even so-called professors and doctors are unaware of this reality: the body’s internal hospital. So sad!

Drugs do not cure disease. And the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-million money making industry not interested in your health. There is enough documented evidence that drugs have killed more than healed.


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Prince Tete Kwame