Judgement Day

Samuel Smith


(Sin is a Pandemic Too)

One day, more people will die from love for sin than Covid-19, accidents, wars, famine, and all kinds of pestilences. The earth survived the "Spanish Flu" of 1918. The earth survived World War I and II. But it won’t be able to survive the "Judgement Day" of God—when all men would be tried, when fire shall destroy anything that gave refuge to sin. "The earth in its present form is passing away" (1 John 2:17; 1 Corinthians 7:13). Are you in a state of fear? Fear what can destroy both soul and body in hell (Matthew 10:28).

Sin has become a deadly pandemic. Sin has become the air we breathe, the words we speak, the songs we hear, the images we watch, and the places we go. The greatest burden of the world is not Covid-19, terrorists, or an emerging asteroid, sin is. If there is anything to be isolated, quarantined, and totally locked down in our lives, it should be sin. Christ came not to heal the world from diseases or sorrows, but to heal it from sin.

How then shall you "social-distance" yourself from sin? Jesus Christ is the antidote and vaccine against sin. Look beyond the troubles of this world and behold Him on the Cross. An important future (Judgement day) is before us than our present predicaments. Keep your sinful desires before God. "You cannot burden Him" (Ellen White). For every sinner, there is One Savior —The Man, Jesus Christ. Give your heart to Him today and He will save you from the wretchedness of sin. God loves you! (John 14:6)

Michael Adarkwah Agyemang