Inspirational Articles

Cancers of the Soul

The Bible does not condemn only explicit fornication but also lust, pornography and masturbation

Practical Tips on How to Overcome Masturbation

Masturbation is a topic that many people find difficult to discuss. However, it is one of the major forms of self - abuse that is destroying the lives...

Do Not Love the World

Even as many keep loving the world, it is high time for God's children to walk on the path of righteousness and separate themselves from the world

Avoid Giving Excuses

When everything is running smoothly at the beginning of the Christian life, we do sing praises to the Lord; but when difficulties begin to surface bec...

Worldly Entertainment in Christianity

Much of the Church services of today are directed towards the idea of entertainment. It is generally assumed by many churches in these final hours of...

Formalism in Christianity

Formalism and mere outward show of Christianity are a part of the great sins of this day, under which the whole world groans. There is more light than...