Encounter Series of Comprehensive
Bible Study

We are involved in several digital evangelistic works but our core duty is to prepare for God's people various comprehensive Bible Study Resources. These resources are to guide people from all walks of life to discover the truth of the Bible for themselves.

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Our Mission is to prepare God's people for the second coming of Christ.

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Pope Francis To Visit Scotland, Attend Climate Change Conference In November

Pope Francis To Visit Scotland, Attend Climate Change Conference In November

The 26th Climate Change Conference might be the world's "last ditch effort" to counter permanent effects of climate change.

UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 26)

UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 26)

The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC was originally scheduled to take place from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow, UK.



The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC was originally scheduled to take place from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow, UK.

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Series of Comprehensive Bible Studies

We are involved in several digital evangelistic works but our core duty is to prepare for God's people various comprehensive Bible Study Resources. These resources are to guide people from all walks of life to discover the truth of the Bible for themselves.

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I’m blessed with this study. All my questions are being answered. Really this programme was made for me. God bless you my brother.

Sphyiana Vimbo Maposa, Zimbabwe

Amen. I am personally being uplifted. Praise God for this worthy Bible study.

Thelma Sibindi, Zimbabwe

I praise the Lord for these wonderful revelations and I pray for deeper understanding. May the Lord bless your ministry. Pleasant day.

Ms. Theodore Thenjiwe Mdlalose, Zimbabwe

Thanks for the well - structured and easy to understand point. God bless this ministry. I've forwarded the studies to my friend hoping and praying that she joins the study group as well and at the end accept the message.

Wakhonderachi Likha, Malawi

Thank you. I received a message from my dad regarding studying the book of Daniel and Revelation. Please I will be grateful if you include me in your study sessions.

Portia Muleya, South Africa

That is powerful my brothers. I'm short of words but we as Zimbabwean SDA members are helped much.

Anold Maposa, Zimbabwe.

How are you? Thank you for these studies you are sending to me and my family. We are being richly blessed everyday. We are with you in prayer.

Walter Kwangwari, Zimbabwe

All my questions are answered and I also send the topics and recommend the app to those who are far from me on what's up and send to those who are near because I cannot keep this truth within.

Solomon Kwao, Ghana

Powerful. I will never be the same, and l will deliver these studies to many people. May God guide and protect you. May His spirit continue to reveal more.

Milward Gabriel Zimbiri, South Africa

Amen my brother. I couldn’t control my tears, thank you very much. I’m comforted. My heart was burdened with my past for the past month but today I’m relieved. May God continue to bless you and use you for other people’s salvation. Once again thank you.

Sylvia Njiva, kenya

God bless you servant of the Holy One of Israel. I am blessed to be in this class. I will join the Seventh – day Adventist Church nearer to me. I have already started making enquiries. Thank you.

Mathias Ayeh, Ghana

Thanks my brethren in Christ, I can’t hide the joy of salvation of the light of truth I have received by reading what you send. Your references are excellent. The Scripture references are helping me to understand Bible studies and topics. I’m grateful for I’m learning something new.

Janet Ondieki, Kenya

May the Lord Jesus bless you for the work of searching the TRUTH. You are giving us the light in this dark part of the world. Keep it up.

Bester Mujije, Zimbabwe

Thank you so much. Great series. I’m looking forward to enjoying the studies and will definitely share with others. God bless you abundantly for such a good work.

Sibusisiwe Howe, Zimbabwe

This platform is one of the best treasures man should cherish to come across on earth. It is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Glory be to our ever loving Creator and Saviour. Amen and Amen!

Jonathan Mutemeri, Zimbabwe

I think I need somewhere like a book to write down these things to avoid losing them. I can’t afford to lose this.

Witness Muzerengwa, Zimbabwe

Sorry, I just want to know whether I've been cut off. There no more Bible lessons coming to me. If so please may you put me back. My life has been blessed a lot. I've been sharing all the past lessons with my friends and neighbours who don’t have phones with whatsapp application.

Magdalene Nobula, Zimbabwe

Evening saints. I really enjoyed the three previous studies. May you pray for me that I may minister to others especially my colleagues. May God bless you abundantly that whoever reads your studies may be converted instantly.

Portia Muleya, South Africa

Amen to the powerful Bible study lessons. I’m being blessed beyond description.

Shingirayi Sithole, Zimbabwe

This was so good and simple to understand. Can you send the fourth lesson? Thank you very much for opening our eyes

Lucas Ndou, South Africa

Thanks so much. We are running a public effort and now this is very helpful.

Josephine Moyo, Zimbabwe

Amen and Amen! To God be all glory! It’s not easy to compile such a comprehensive Bible study which is Bible - based. If this is not the working of the Spirit then what is? I have been sharing with friends, hoping they too have been blessed. Keep shining for Jesus.

Emily, Malawi

This programme is helping us a lot. Some questions which have been confusing me for so long are being answered. Please keep the good work. We will always be praying for you

Jephta Desire Venge, Zimbabwe

Amen. I’m also forwarding these lessons to more than fifty people, some of whom are non - Adventists.

Mkhokheli Ngwenya, Zimbabwe

Would like to thank you for the lessons. I have enjoyed every bit of them. May God help me and you that we meet on that beautiful shore when He comes again. I now understand and know better about His coming. May God richly bless you as you work for Him.

Mrs. Rosemary Fukiza, Malawi

The studies are just too powerful resist. I'm receiving so many follow ups from non - Adventists. God bless you for the great work you are doing.

Ishmael Tavari, Zimbabwe

Thank you. May the Lord constantly continue revealing the truth through your unique efforts. Truly, the entire world is benefiting much through thy programme.

Zivanai Museva, Zimbabwe

I’m finding out more about this whole situation about our Almighty Father and His plans – Amen and Amen. I’m even sharing the articles with my workmates in Durban, South Africa at a new construction site for a power station project for Ansaldo Avon Peaking Power.

Pride Mutiti, South Africa

I want to thank the WTM instructors for their dedication on the Word of God which they are sharing especially in our continent Africa. May God bless you and please note that you have influenced Africa and for this reason I wish to pray for you. We are sharing your insights to both believers and non-believers. Please accept warmly my gratitude

Misheck Makainganwa, Zimbabwe

I’m so scared hearing this message twice. I moved from Pentecost to the Adventist church. I’ve discovered the truth. May the Lord strengthen you.

Johnson Animhene, Ghana

I need the next lesson please. Many people I’ve shared with are waiting.

Pr. E. Mandendera, Zimbabwe

Amen. Powerful. I always pass on the studies to my friends and they are enjoying the Word of God.

Fidelis Myedziwa, Zimbabwe

I’m Beatrice Shava and I live in New York. My brother sent me your number. God bless you for providing this service to the Christian family worldwide. To God be the glory. Hallelujah!

Beatrice Shava, New York

Good morning brethren. I pray you are blessed in the name of our Lord. Thank you so much for the studies particularly Part 3 of the gift of tongues section. I really found this very useful as I had never understood 1 Corinthians 14 in the way it’s been explained here. It’s so clear and it blessed me. May God continue to use you in expounding His truth so many might find THE TRUTH in Jesus. Thank you once again.

Salvenah Mangena, United Kindom

My eyes have no more tears. The truth that I have so far come across is tremendously unbearable. Please help me live for Jesus. I am running short of words. Glory be to God.

Jonathan Mutemeri, Zimbabwe

Indeed, it's a wonderful blessing to have these lessons. Millions from far and wide do miss this unspeakable opportunity to have this privilege. I am blessed.

Jonathan Mutemeri, Zimbabwe

Thank you. It's getting more interesting! I can’t wait for more details each morning as I progress in the lessons. God bless you.

Beatrice Shava, New York, USA

I am experiencing spiritual growth from the lessons you are giving God bless you.

Munyaradzi Zvinorova, Zimbabwe

Hello! Thanks so much for sharing. You just don't have any idea of how this Bible study has helped me in my Christian walk. I missed topics 1-3. Kindly share with me. God Bless you.

Hudson Ogwang, Republic of Uganda

Thanks a lot for these lessons. They are an eye opener. My question is do you have these lessons in the form of a book (either hard copy or soft copy for future use)? If you have, how can I access those books?

Sipho Nxongo, Zimbabwe

How are you friend? I pray for you and your ministry a lot. It’s doing a great work. Sometimes I take your lessons and adapt them to local beliefs and needs. It helps many. Right now I’ve received five requests for the next lesson on the state of the dead.

Pr. E. Mandendera, Zimbabwe

Thank you for these lessons on prophecy. We are really blessed with my extended family. Everyone’s comment is that these presentations are simplified and clearly explained. May God bless you for this service.

S.G.D. in East Africa

Thank you so much for a detailed account on the battle of Armageddon. I was very much blessed. I learnt a lot and the exhortations are indeed touching and point to the imminent coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Will continue to ask questions about prophecy.

Rosalio Mudimba, Zimbabwe

Thank you White Throne Media for the good work because the teachings that churches don’t talk about are now in our homes. This topic is educating and is making us grow spiritually.

Given Mwape, Zambia

I love the clarity of this presentation. I pray it creates spiritual awakening through everyone who studies or reads in the name of Jesus Christ.

Eric Sekyi, Ghana

Hello brother Samuel! ... I read your study and I’m impressed. God’s continuous blessings on you my brother as you continue to expound the words of God.

Ena Knibbs, Jamaica

Oh! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to understand the concept of the books of Daniel and Revelation. I thank God so much for having shown me a special group like this. However, I’m going to be a little slow in my learning because I really want to understand and I ask of the Holy Spirit to help me.

Monica, Uganda

Lessons like these bring us closer to the Lord. They sharpen our minds and give us wisdom.

Mdlongwa Desire, Zimbabwe

Joining WTM has blessed me a lot. I have learnt a lot. God bless the team.

Ampadu Okyere, Ghana

Good morning. All the studies we've done so far do you have a book for it. I want to do regular studies on them so I can also share with others. How much is the book?

Augustine Opoku Agyeman, Ghana

Thank you and God bless you too. It has been a really insightful and very educative series with very strong background and supporting verses from the Bible. Will be sharing this with others. Thank you very much for your ministry. Maranatha.

Tlamelo Maseke, Botswana

We now redo these lessons on Sabbath afternoon with friends. Thanks again.

Ntombie Mabuza, South Africa

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